Inbound Marketing Services

We strategically use a variety of digital tactics to deliver a complete plan that will drive more leads, engage with them, and ultimately, grow your business.

It’s the little engine that could dominates.

Email Marketing

Crafting the perfect email requires keen attention to detail. The subject needs to be intriguing, the body copy needs to be clear and concise, the call-to-action needs to offer value, and the design needs to help communicate your message and encourage conversion. Of course, you also need to think about your buyer persona’s interests and marketing triggers to ensure your email messaging is on target. Last but not least, you always need to make sure your emails provide a seamless experience across various devices and email clients.

With the expertise of our team, we will help you increase your email marketing results by creating email campaigns that are thoughtfully written, beautifully designed and highly targeted towards your specific buyer personas.

Email Automation

As you adopt inbound marketing, you’ll quickly realize the importance of having an effective and scalable lead nurturing strategy. Some leads will rapidly make a purchase, but most will require some degree of nurturing. Using powerful marketing automation features we will help you implement advanced lead nurturing strategies designed to educate, inform and qualify your prospects until they ultimately convert into customers.

We will begin by helping you identify and document your buyer personas’ key marketing triggers and purchasing criteria. Once complete, the personas are used to help develop a marketing strategy that includes email workflows designed to help leads become customers. These email workflows will contain personalized content that answers common questions that your leads may have, and can help them get over any objections throughout the sales process.

Email Marketing Strategy

As a part of an ongoing Inbound Marketing Services Agreement, we look to improve and optimize various aspects of your email marketing strategy. We do this by examining past efforts, redesigning email templates, writing new email copy, and by testing content like subject lines.

Email Template Design

Email marketing is a core component of every effective inbound marketing strategy. Just like landing pages or thank you pages, you’ll need to have a solid email template that can be used on an ongoing basis for campaigns, newsletters, events, and announcements. Moving beyond the off the shelf email templates, we can help you create customized email template designs specifically for your organization.

Email marketing is one of the best tools you have at your disposal, and with the proper strategy in place, you can use it to successfully nurture leads through every stage of the buying cycle and convert them into customers. Perhaps more importantly, you can use email marketing to keep customers returning time and time again. To learn more about how email marketing can help your business meet its goals, get in touch with us today.

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