About Us

We heard the pain point that traditional marketing was not yielding the results clients expected. Each of us came to the table with a specific expertise that resulted in killer marketing skills. With our powers combined....no, not Captain Planet. We started Vitamin D. Read on to learn more about us.

Picture of Kory Calmes

Kory Calmes

Creative Technology Director

Kory is enthusiastic about how people interact with technology. This enthusiasm, coupled with years of experience in web and mobile technologies, make his breadth of expertise ideal when deciding on the best tool for the job. Kory believes technology should not be used for the sake of using technology, it should be used to work smarter and connect people.

Picture of Hyrum Lai

Hyrum Lai


Hyrum gained his love for marketing working his way through two ad agencies in Los Angeles. When his family business called, he answered. He and his brother tripled the family business over 3 years. Today, he has assembled the highest quality team to help clients reach their marketing goals and grow their business.

Picture of Paul Moyle

Paul Moyle

Creative Director

Paul has been art directing and production designing professionally for 7 years; in all types of media: commercial, web, print and digital. He has honed his craft designing for TV, film, interior design, and the culinary and hospitality industry. He has worked for such clients as Taylormade Golf, Jeep/Chrysler Spirit, Duracell, Lexus, Harley Davidson, HGTV, Adoba Eco Hotels, Ingredient Group, Dominos and KIA.