Nikki Sharp

Strategically using existing fan base to drive UGC and launch a book that rose to the top.

Digital Marketing Strategy, Web Design and Asset Creation

Vitamin D was engaged to create a book launch strategy for Nikki Sharp. First, Vitamin D worked to build out the landing page and produced content for the book launch that can be viewed here:

Social Media Marketing and CTA Strategy

Then, Vitamin D leveraged social media channels to develop an invite only, “fan-based” launch team with a number of exclusive benefits. This helped generate a pre-launch buzz capitalizing on user generated content (UGC) of super fans. Vitamin D then provided additional content creation support and calls to actions through a targeted email campaign.


When the book was launched on March 22, 2016. By March 31, 2016, Nikki Sharp’s book had skyrocketed to #4 Best Sellers in the Detoxes & Cleanses category and #151 on Amazon’s entire book catalogue.


# 4

Amazon Best Sellers in the Detoxes & Cleanses category

# 151

Amazon’s entire book Catalogue

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