New Travel Photography Tool

Why Inbound Marketing Works for Hospitality

There’s clearly no shortage of tech startups that are catering to the tourism world and as the technology momentum continues to push, tourism boards should consider taking notice of one in particular. PhotoSpotLand is a new travel photography sharing site with a tourist bent that has really caught my eye. “PhotoSpotLand™ is the platform where people who love photography can share the best locations and events for shooting great photos, including how, when and with whom to shoot.” Although this site is just getting started, I can see it as a powerful tool for tourism boards and agencies that represent destinations. Here’s why:

  1. Pictures Over Words - The unfortunate truth is that we love pictures more than we love words. This can be an immediate, visual tool to find out what people are shooting most. It’s an instant platform to showcase real life and the hidden gems of a city.

  2. Instant Social Feedback - Who doesn’t love to shoot great photos to share? PhotoSpotLand will also give you information on how to get that “money” shot that users can brag with in their social circles. It’s fully wrapped in with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google + as well with the sharing tools such as Community Notes.

  3. Community Data - With all of the information that users will be putting on this site, smart marketers out there will no doubt find a way to draw out insights that will benefit tourism boards. As this site continues to grow, it will be easier to see who the influencers and taste makers are in different locations. It may be an interesting project to partner with one of these influencers for a marketing campaign that tells a beautiful, visual story.

It will be interesting to see how PhotoSpotLand plays out. It feels like a great tool not only for travel photography enthusiasts, but for tourism boards to bolster their visual presence and profile.