Why Inbound Marketing is PERFECT for Luxury Marketing

Why Inbound Marketing Works for Hospitality

So you’re a Luxury Marketing Director for a luxury product or service and you’re constantly being pushed to “drive more leads and sales!” You know that you have an amazing product, yet, the sales numbers haven’t changed in months. Status quo. Here are a 3 tips why inbound marketing is PERFECT for luxury marketing and may even help move that sales needle.

1. Tip #1: More Information = Better Qualified Lead

When you’re using the inbound methodology you’ll provide helpful information to potential clients. In the luxury marketing game, you should be sharing as much information as you can about your product or service so the person researching your goods is more likely to become a qualified lead. I’ve heard from some clients that they want their brand to communicate exclusivity and they want to shy away from providing information. My reponse is a rip from Seth Godin, “…the internet is GREAT because it’s full of information. The internet is also BAD because it’s full of information.” Exclusive or not, there’s a high chance that information already exists on your luxury product or service. Be the one to control that information and generate leads on your terms. By “chest pouding” of how great your product or service is, doesn’t always equate to being valuable. Create epic, helpful content with a clear target to make yourself INVALUABLE.

2. Tip #2: There’s No “High End” Social Media Channel

If you've been staying away from certain social media channels because you "think" your target audience isn't there, think again. Once you start creating great blog posts and content pieces, you need to share it. We're head long into a "share" economy so you need to make sure that your content will benefit someone in your target audience. Be thoughtful and intentional. Even if your product or service is in the luxury, high-end arena, social media WILL reach your target audience. 1.49 billion active users on Facebook should be a clue that your target audience is somewhere in there. Engage with your audience.

3. Tip #3: Luxury Clients Love to be “Delighted” and Will Share

The very last stage of the Inbound Methodology is to “Delight”. What this means is to delight your clients by surprising them with some gesture of gratitude that they have done business with you. It doesn’t have to be grand and expensive. Just thoughtful. By making this an active practice to delight your clients, it will payoff in spades when it comes to having ambassadors that will share with their circles. True customer service is a lost art and when you go out of your way to serve, a.k.a “delight”, your clients you set yourself apart from the competition.

In conclusion, these Inbound Marketing strategies above are perfect for Luxury Marketing. The whole goal is to create a lead generation machine. After all, who doesn’t want more leads?