The Creator Class - Content Partnerships?

Why Inbound Marketing Works for Hospitality

I remember working in my advertising days, budgets for a couple spots were REALLY high. In hindsight, comparing what I remember to today’s standards, those budgets would be obscene given today’s technology. The cost of shooting content comes at a fraction of what it used to be. Also, with all of the social media, it’s been easier and easier to find the makers and creatives behind some of the most inspirational and powerful videos on the internet.

The Creator Class is the newest platform touted as “…made for Creators. By Creators.” If you’re left scratching your head by that last sentence, it basically boils down to getting a peek, “inside the lives, ambitions, and craft of leading creatives in Music, Style, Adventure, Arts, and Culture.” The site has an awesome, clean look and the videos produced are just plain cool to watch. So why would this be important in a marketing sense? Here are my thoughts:

  1. Find Upcoming Creatives: There are jaded professionals that can produce great creative and there are up and coming, passionate creatives that love what they do. I believe that passion trumps in almost every case because they are pouring their heart and soul into something they believe in.

  2. Content Partnerships: This is where I see the most potential. It’s a no brainer that the better your content, the more traffic you’ll get. This in turn will give you more chances for conversion. These creatives are producing high quality pieces and they already have a built in fan base. If there is a creative in your local area, I can see an awesome local campaign playing out.

  3. Peek Into the Creatives Life: Any time you’re getting ready to work with creatives, it’s always a good to get an idea of what they’re like. I’ve worked with some GREAT people and I’ve worked with some turkeys. Although these videos are short, the artists come across authentic and I believe they wouldn’t want it any other way.

The Creator Class has given creatives a platform to step up the level of their creativity. For me, it’ll be another arrow in my quiver, but it’s definitely one of the sharpest and coolest.

What do you think of The Creator Class?